Self Portrait | Wisconsin Photography | Work in Progress

"Looking at his 1947 photograph of a Sicilian street entertainer on stilts, he told a journalist, 'It's a metaphor of the artist; it's me, on shaky feet but above the crowd.'"  

Since I was a little girl, I have always possessed a sensitivity and awareness of the world that has given me a deep and rooted perspective.  Now, as an adult, this sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse.  I have purpose as a creative individual, but my "thin skin" inhibits me at times.  How do you withstand all the self doubt as an artist?  Or outshine the disingenuous individuals that abuse this medium for monetary gain?  I think that in all of this virtual mess, it gets really hard to remember the true value of photography.

This image titled, "Shadows Cast on Nude," is a self portrait I took last summer as part of a larger series that is still in progress.  In less than two weeks, I will be headed down to Miami to see one of the images from this series celebrated at the YoungArts Gallery.  I know that the serious tone of this post is not reflecting how truly thrilled I am for this opportunity, but please, don't be fooled!